For quick reference on when and what to report, please consult the sections below.


3.2.1 Notification requirements

All vessels calling at Jebel Dhanna Ruwais Port must send the pre-arrival information at least 72 hours in advance in the prescribed format and sequential order to avoid unnecessary delays. Updates to ETA are required at 48, 24 and 12 hours prior to arrival.

4 hours prior to arrival, vessels to call via VHF.

3.2.2 Parties to notify

Information must be sent directly to the vessel Agent with an email copy to the Harbour Master Jebel Dhanna Ruwais as per the contact details given in section 2.

3.2.3 Amendments

Vessels must update any amendments to ETA without delay.

3.2.4 Information and Forms to be sent

Vessels to submit following pre arrival information:

  1. Pre arrival Questionnaire (As per the terminal)
  2. Ballast Water Management Form
  3. Last Port Clearance
  4. International Tonnage Certificate
  5. ISPS Code Security Questionnaire
  6. Crew List

3.2.5 Documents to be signed / required on Arrival

Before entering the port, the Port Authority appointed Pilot and the visiting vessel’s master must sign and stamp certain initial documents.

These initial documents contain:

  1. Vessel Declaration by the Master, including Ballast declaration, Conditions of use of Petroleum Ports terminal facilities and safety requirements.
  2. In addition, Form No. 019-MAR-4, Pre-berthing declaration, Supreme Petroleum Council boycott declaration.

Forms are available at the following link.