Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ("ADNOC") and its group of companies (together the " ADNOC Group") are committed to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental excellence.
As part of this overall commitment, ADNOC Group is committed to ensuring that ships used in connection with ADNOC Group's businesses are properly vetted.

  1. all cargoes transported by sea, in which the ADNOC Group has an interest, are safely transported;
  2. all vessels :
    1. owned or operated by or on behalf of the ADNOC Group ("ADNOC Group Vessels" );
    2. which intend to call at any petroleum port or terminals owned by an ADNOC Group company; and / or
    3. which intend to conduct any operation with any ADNOC Group Vessels, including the carriage of cargo provided by the ADNOC Group worldwide, are safe and meet relevant standards and regulations in order to minimize risk to people, environment and assets; and
  3. substandard vessels are prevented from calling at any of ADNOC's petroleum ports or terminals owned by an ADNOC Group company.
The ADNOC Group shall implement this ADNOC Group Ship Vetting Policy Statement through the continued application of ADNOC's ship vetting system and standards.