3 . Scope

  • 3.1     This Standard shall apply to:
    • (a)     all Vessels and Crafts that intend to call or conduct any operation at any Petroleum Port or terminal owned by an ADNOC Group company;
    • (b)     all Vessels that intend to conduct cargo operation with a Vessel owned or chartered by an ADNOC Group company or with a vessel carrying ADNOC cargo; and
    • (c)     all Vessels intended to carry an ADNOC cargo worldwide, including but not limited to Vessels nominated for AGT business when AGT carries the title and/or risk of the cargo on board at any time.
  • 3.2     Vetting through the ADNOC Ship Vetting process shall not relieve an owner or operator of any Vessel of their responsibility of complying with national and international laws and legislation and ensuring that their Vessel’s safety, seaworthiness or performance is in accordance with such national and international laws.
  • 3.3     Vetting requests can only be made by the ADNOC Group.
  • 3.4     Vessels shall be vetted on each occasion they are nominated for ADNOC Group business.
  • 3.5     When calling at multiple terminals within the same Petroleum Port during the same voyage, a single vet for the Vessel shall be acceptable for the proposed calls, provided that a request to call at multiple terminals is made to the ADNOC Ship Vetting Department by the relevant ADNOC Group company.