1.1     Commercial Vessels

  • (a)     The ADNOC Ship Vetting Department was established with a core aim to protect the environment and preservation of marine life, to further enhance the way it conducts shipping business and to minimize the risk to the ADNOC Group and not for generating a profit. However, to ensure the ADNOC Ship Vetting system’s continuous services, support and sustainability of the required resources and developments, charges shall be applied to the use of the system as follows:
    • (i)    the vetting inquiry for each ship will be charged at AED 1,000 per vetting advice; and
    • (ii)    ADNOC’s SIRE or Safety inspections requests will be charged at USD 5,000 per inspection;
  • (b)     ADNOC’s Navigation Audit requests will be charged at USD 5,000 per maximum three (3) days Audit.

1.2     Projects Crafts & Other Units

  • (a)     PPA will only issue Craft Entry Permits to those offshore Vessels inspected and accepted by the ADNOC Ship Vetting Department.
  • (b)     Inspections must be carried out by inspectors approved by the ADNOC Ship Vetting Department. Ship owners will be charged USD 5,000 for a fresh offshore Vessel inspection, while free of charge Follow-up Inspections shall be conducted on board the Vessel to verify satisfactory close-out of the high risk observations raised on the fresh inspection.

1.3     Adjustments of the charges

If a change in the law in the UAE or Abu Dhabi relating to taxes, imposts, levies, duties, withholding taxes, charges or other assessments of this nature comes into effect after the date this Standard comes into effect and increases the costs associated with paragraphs 1.1 (a)(i), 1.1(a)(ii) and 1.2(b) of this Appendix 1, the ADNOC Ship Vetting Department shall have the right to adjust the amounts charged accordingly.