These Regulations are issued in accordance with the Petroleum Ports Law No. 12 of 1973 and the amending Laws No. 1, 3, 34 and 45 issued at Abu Dhabi on 27th February 1980, 28th April 1981, 5th May 1985, and 4th November 2003 respectively. These Regulations shall apply to the Petroleum Ports of Jebel Dhanna Ruwais, Das Zirku and Mubarraz Ports and any other Petroleum Port that comes under the jurisdiction of the Petroleum Ports Authority.

TThe Regulations also include amendments to reflect law 24 of 1999 and those made for safety under article 53 to date.

These Regulations are designed to acquaint Owners, Charterers, Masters of vessels, their Agents and others with the general conditions, rules, regulations, facilities and available services at the Petroleum Ports referred to in paragraph 1.1 below. Every vessel, which arrives at any of the Petroleum Ports, must have a copy of these regulations board obtainable through the vessel’s agent and/or on Petroleum Ports Authority website.

Every Master wishing to berth at any of the below Ports must contract to comply with all the rules and regulations contained herein. These Regulations do not replace or modify official publications covering the waters, areas, hazards or other subjects to which they pertain, nor are they intended for such purposes. The information contained herein is believed to be accurate at the time of going to press but neither ADNOC nor the Petroleum Ports Authority make any warranties and assume no responsibilities regarding these Regulations or any other information, which may appear in supplemental publications, additions or corrections supplied by them.  

1.1 - SCOPE

  1. These Regulations shall apply to the Petroleum Ports of Jebel Dhanna Ruwais, Das Zirku, and Mubarraz Ports and any other Petroleum Port/s that comes under the jurisdiction of Petroleum Ports Authority and to the waterways and fairways leading to / from these ports.
  2. Nothing in these Regulations shall be construed as over-riding :
    1. UAE (United Arab Emirates) Federal laws
    2. Law No. 8 of 1978 and No. 12 of 1973
    3. SOLAS 1974/78, and its’ subsequent amendments.
    4. MARPOL 1973 / 78 as amended
    5. STCW 1995/2010 as amended
    6. Any other applicable IMO (International Maritime Organization) conventions or any other international conventions as ratified by the UAE.
  3. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as relieving the Master of any vessel from his responsibility for safety of the vessel under his command.

1.2 - Exemptions

    These regulations do not apply to UAE Navy, CICPA, and other government vessels.