• 7.1   Controlled Documents Table

    Number Name Revision Date (or version) Owner
    Various Various controlled forms Various PPA
  • 7.2   Entry Criteria

    Details of Entry Criteria
    Stemming from its commitment to protect the environment and preserve the marine life and further enhance the way it conducts shipping business, ADNOC has been authorized by the SPC, by way of Circular No (2/2005) of 26 February 2005 and subsequent documents, to implement a ship vetting system, as set out in this Standard. ADNOC Group is committed to ensuring that all cargoes in which it has an interest are carried safely with the minimum risk to people, the environment and its assets.
  • 7.3   Process/Procedure Map


  • 7.4   Inputs

    Input Detail of Inputs and remarks Ref.
    Vet requests ADNOC Marketing Directorate/ADNOC Group Companies raises vet request on the Ship vetting System. -
    Vetting Inspections requests Owner/Operator of the vessel raise a Vetting inspection request using the Group e-mail for ADNOC vetting -
  • 7.5   Activities

    No. Activities Action by Detail of activities and remarks Ref.
    1 Vet Vetting department Evaluating the ships suitability for a safety prospective by screening the ship’s data and historical records -
    2 SIRE Inspections Vetting department Physical Inspection of vessels in accordance with the OCIMF standards. -
    3 Safety Inspections Vetting department Physical inspection of vessels & crafts -
    4 Navigation Audit Vetting department Physical inspection of vessels -
  • 7.6   Outputs

    Output Detail of Outputs and remarks Ref.
    Letter to owners Document sent to the vessels/crafts operators/owners to advise the Vet Acceptance Controlled form
    Vet Report A report generated to reflect the Vet Acceptance Status Generated by the Vetting Software
  • 7.7   Verification

    Automated Ship vetting software.
  • 7.8   Exit Criteria

    On successful completion of screening/Inspection ( if required) a Letter to owners/Vet Report is issued for information on acceptance of vessel
  • 7.9   Metrics

    Key Performance Indicators
    As per the Function and Department Performance Contract.
  • 7.10   Records Control Table

    Description(no. and name) Storage Location Filing / Index Minimum Storage Period
    - Electronic records - As per Records retention schedule