Special Vetting Arrangements

ADNOC owned/operated, managed, bareboat and time chartered vessels and vessels operating under COA for a period longer than three (3) months, shall fully comply with the following requirements:

  • Shall undergo an initial inspection and assessment by the ADNOC vetting Department to determine suitability for use by any of the ADNOC group companies.

  • The initial Inspection reports shall not be submitted to SIRE unless owners specifically request ADNOC vetting to do so.

  • This inspection or assessment shall not replace or supersede the charterer's pre -chartering inspection or other requirements.

  • This category of ships, may be granted an inspection cycle, they will not normally be needed to undergo a re-inspection or assessment within this acceptance period, unless the PPA believes that the vessel presents a significant risk to ADNOC group assets for any reason whatsoever.

  • Where the above category of ships are considered to present a significant risk during the term of its contract, it may be denied entry into any of the Petroleum ports or interaction with any ADNOC group assets until the risks have been sufficiently mitigated to the satisfaction of the ADNOC vetting department. The vetting department might require the vessel to undergo a re-inspection for this purpose.

  • The above category of ships shall without delay, inform the vetting department about any deficiencies that they become aware of, that may affect safe operations and/or the environment, along with any corrective actions taken. Should no such information be provided by charterers to the vetting department, it shall be assumed that the ship is performing to the satisfaction of the charterers, and is hence meeting ADNOC's required safe operating standards.

  • The above category of ships shall be monitored by the Petroleum Ports Authority representatives who shall provide the vetting department with terminal feedback on each and every occasion the ship is believed not to meet the PPA's operating standards, should no adverse feedback is provided by the PPA representative to the vetting department it shall be assumed that the ship is performing to the satisfaction of the PPA representatives, and is hence meeting ADNOC's required safe operating standards.

It is the responsibility of each Operating Company or its affiliate to be aware of ADNOC or its affiliated Group's exposure to shipping risks in its business transactions and to ensure that the Vetting Policy is correctly applied in all such cases.

No ship to which this Policy applies, as specified above, shall be utilized on ADNOC business unless it has first been vetted by the ADNOC Ship Vetting Service and a written acceptance for its use has been obtained.

The Ship Vetting Team is assigned with tasks to asses and vet ships that are nominated for the group business.