Port State Control Inspections

By the authority of and in agreement with the Federal Transport Authority Land and Maritime (UAE), effective 6th May 2015, the Petroleum Ports Authority of ADNOC commenced enforcing Port State Control Inspections on foreign flag ships visiting the Petroleum Ports, in accordance with the RIYADH Memorandum of Understanding.

ADNOC vetting department's qualified & authorized inspectors will conduct the PSC inspections to the highest professional level in accordance with Riyadh MOU to ensure that foreign flag ships meet international safety, security and environmental operating standards.

Selection of Ships for Inspection

The following vessels will be subject to PSC inspections:

  • Ships which have not been inspected under the RIYADH Memorandum of Understanding during the preceding 12 months.

  • Ships which have been permitted to leave the port of a State, the Authority of which is a signatory to the Memorandum, on the condition that the noted deficiencies shall be rectified within a specified period.

  • Ships which have been reported by pilots or Petroleum Ports Authority as having deficiencies which may prejudice safe navigation/ Port operations (Including Cargo operations).

  • Ships whose statutory certificates, issued in accordance with the relevant instruments and the classification certificates, have been issued by an organization which is not recognized by the Federal Transport Authority (Land and Maritime).

  • Ships carrying dangerous or polluting goods, which have failed to report all relevant information concerning the ship's particulars, the ship's movements and the dangerous or polluting goods to the competent authority of the port and coastal State.

  • Ships which are in a category for which expanded inspection has been decided.

  • Ships which have been suspended from their class for safety reasons in the course of the preceding six months.

  • Ships whose crew have filed a complaint.